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If you, or someone you’re close to, has been accused of committing a crime (whether it’s something relatively minor like a public order or motoring offence or a much more serious crime) then you’ll want professional help from an experienced criminal law solicitor who understands the way the law works, and who also understands the way the law authorities who enforce it work

Anyone facing up to criminal prosecution will undoubtedly feel confused about what’s happening and frightened about as-yet unknown possibilities, making straight-thinking very difficult.  Thankfully getting a good criminal solicitor can quickly enable you to understand what’s happening by explaining all the details and options open to you in plain English.  And then, even more importantly, begin putting a strong criminal defence case together to help you as much as possible.

How can QualitySolicitors help me with my criminal defence case?

Renowned for their proficiency, professionalism and dedication, QualitySolicitors network of lawyers specialise in a wide range of criminal defence matters these include:

QualitySolicitors have a national network of law firms to match you up with a specialist solicitor who can help you put together a strong criminal defence case.

To help you further, we offer everyone who contacts us Free Initial Assessment, so we can understand your situation fully and begin to assess what we can do to help.  Many people who come to us for Free Initial Assessment then use QualitySolicitors’ Ask the Legal Expert service, because this is an introductory face-to face meeting with an experienced solicitor for just £99 to really get your criminal defence case started properly.

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Are you just researching “criminal defence” issues for now?

Just researching? No problem, here’s how our website will help you:

Legal issues relating to criminal defence

Life seems to get placed on hold when you’re facing arrest or prosecution after being accused of committing a crime.

But that’s where great legal advice comes into its own.

Naturally you’ll feel emotional and stressed due to the uncertainty you’re being forced to confront at this time, but having an experienced knowledgeable solicitor means you can rely on having someone on your side to effectively fight your corner for you.

By researching the law and how it operates, you can obtain some clarity about your current position. However this is probably one life experience where research can only help you so far.

If you’re in a situation where you need a powerful criminal defence to protect you from the law, then it makes sense to call QualitySolicitors as soon as possible so that we can begin working on a defence that can minimise the effects of what might happen.

We have specific information to help you about:
Arrest and prosecution, motoring offences, actions against the police, and prison law.

Expert legal advice you can rely on:

Expert legal advice you can rely on,
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