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For some people, remaining in their own country poses a very real risk to their life – therefore seeking asylum in a safe country such as the UK may be an option. Expert legal advice from QualitySolicitors’ immigration lawyers can help keep you or your loved one safe.

Claiming asylum in the UK is a legal right the British Government upholds. This means anyone that is persecuted, or may fear persecution for whatever reason, can live safely - and legally - in Britain. However it is a highly complicated area of law. You need to know how and when to make your application. If you don’t it may affect your right to remain in the country. You need to provide evidence that complies with certain international law – this includes evidence that your fear of persecution is well-founded, you cannot safely live anywhere else in your home country and it meets one of the specified reasons.

Working with QualitySolicitors’ Immigration specialists, you have access to some of the very best lawyers in the UK. They have extensive experience of working with asylum seekers and refugees. We start by making sure we understand your situation. This is vitally important. We explain the legal process; help build your evidence and comply with every step of the application process. If your application is declined we can also help you consider an appeal. Throughout the process, we make certain we advise you on other aspects such as the right to work and accommodation. And we try and do this as simply as we possibly can.

There are certain timescales for anyone wanting to make an application - contact QualitySolicitors as soon as possible to talk with one of our specialist immigration lawyers.


If you wish to stay in the UK as a refugee, you must apply for asylum as soon as you arrive in the UK. To be eligible to apply for asylum, you must have left your country and cannot go back due to fear of prosecution.

If your application is successful, you will be given Group 1 or Group 2 Refugee Status. Group 1 refugees are permitted to stay in the UK for 5 years. Group 2 refugees are permitted to stay in the UK for a minimum of 5 years.

Yes, you can apply for British citizenship after living in the country for a certain period of time if you are granted asylum in the UK. Mostly, you must have lived in the UK for at least 5 years to be eligible to apply for British citizenship.

If your application for Refugee status is refused, you will be asked to return to your home country. You can appeal the Asylum decision. You can appeal the decision; however, the tribunal must receive your appeal within 3 days of getting the letter about the decision.

It takes approximately 6 months for you to receive a decision on your asylum application.

Any dependents (partners and children under 18) who you have included in your application tend to be permitted to stay for the same length of time as you.

If dependents are not included in your application, they will have to make their own claim for asylum.

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