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We know the legal process of moving to the UK can be challenging, but we are here to make it as stress-free as possible for you. Our team of specialist immigration solicitors in the UK can advise you on your case, no matter how complex. We are highly experienced and have helped hundreds of people achieve positive outcomes.

Types of UK visas

A visa is a legal document that gives you the right to stay in the UK temporarily or permanently. There are many types and subcategories of UK visas. Our solicitors can explain your options and guide you through the application process.

  1. UK Visas

    Whether you are coming to the UK to work, run a business, study, or live with family you will probably require a visa. Our UK immigration solicitors can help you apply for the visa that fits your requirements.

    These are the main types of UK visas:

    • Business Visas. Business visas are for those who wish to run a business in the UK.
    • Family Visas. These are for people who have family members with settled status or UK nationality. There are different types of family visas, including ancestry visas, child dependent visas, parent visas and spouse visas.
    • Settlement Visas. A settlement visa allows someone to live in the UK permanently. Settled status is usually granted through Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or the EU Settlement Scheme.
    • Student Visas. Students aged 16 and over can apply to study in the UK with a student visa.
    • Visitor visas. These are short-term visas for those who wish to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. The type of visitor visa you apply for depends on the reason you wish to stay.
    • Work Visas. Work visas are for non-British and non-Irish citizens who wish to work in the UK.

    There are visas outside these categories, including the Ukraine Family Scheme visa and the Windrush Scheme.

    Applying for a visa can feel daunting, but by working with QualitySolicitors’ specialist lawyers you can be certain of the best advice, presented in a straightforward way. We can talk you through the process and manage your visa application for you, giving you the greatest chance of success.

  2. UK Student Visa

    Most students from overseas who choose to study in the UK require a visa by law. Applying for UK visas may seem complicated, but an experienced immigration lawyer can make the process straightforward.

    At QualitySolicitors, our immigration solicitors in the UK can manage your application so that you can focus on your studies. We keep in regular contact with you so you always know what is happening.

    We take the time to explain how student visas work and answer all your questions. We discuss the limitations of your visa, what to do if you want to work during the holidays, what happens if your circumstances change and more.

    To apply for a student visa, you need to be over 16 years old and:

    • Have been offered a place to study at an educational institution that is licensed to sponsor students.
    • Have the money to pay for your living expenses and course fees. This is £1015 a month outside London and £1265 a month in London.
    • Have the ability to communicate competently in English.

    If you are over 18 and studying for a degree, you will usually be able to stay in the UK for 5 years with a student visa. For other courses, the length of stay is normally up to 2 years.

    After your course, you may be able to apply for a different type of visa if you wish to remain in the UK. Our solicitors can advise you about your options.

  3. UK Work Visa

    If you are a non-British or non-Irish citizen who would like to work in the UK, then you need a work visa.

    There are different types of work visas, depending on your situation. Most people applying to work in the UK apply for a Skilled Worker Visa. Our immigration lawyers can help your application run smoothly, so you can look forward to an exciting new life.

    Work visas are awarded by the Home Office through a points-based system (PBS). Points depend on factors such as:

    • Whether you have skills that are in demand in the UK
    • Whether you have an employer sponsor
    • Your age, earning potential, personal finances, professional qualifications, and English language competency

    Our UK immigration solicitors start by making sure we fully understand your situation. We then explain your options to you and the application process.

    Throughout the application process, we keep in regular contact with you, answering any questions you have. If we need to explain technical or legal matters, we always use plain English.

    Requirements for obtaining a UK Work VISA

    When you apply for a UK visa, you need to supply supporting documents. Every visa type has specific requirements.

    If you wish to apply for a Work Visa, for example, you need to provide the following:

    • Evidence that you can speak, understand and write English (unless you are from an English-speaking country). You must either have passed a Secure English Language Test (SELT) or have an approved qualification that was taught to you in English, such as a GCSE.
    • Evidence that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK. This might be bank statements or a letter of sponsorship from an employer.
    • Certificate of sponsorship from an employer.
    • A valid passport.

    You may need to provide other evidence, such as proof of relationship with your partner, depending on your circumstances.

  4. British citizenship

    You may be able to apply for British citizenship (or British naturalisation) if you have lived in the UK for five years.  In most circumstances, you must also have held one of the following for 12 months:

    • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILD)
    • Settled status (under the EU settlement scheme)
    • Indefinite leave to enter the UK.

    There are other situations in which you can apply for UK nationality. For example, you may be eligible if you have a British-born parent.

    Whatever your circumstances, our immigration solicitors in the UK will ensure your application meets the requirements.

  5. Immigration appeals

    If your immigration application is unsuccessful, you may decide to appeal the decision. With our expert legal advice, you have the best chance of a successful outcome. It is important to act quickly because very strict deadlines apply to the appeals process.

    Within 14 days of receiving the decision, you can request an administrative review. This means your application is resubmitted to the Home Office with your reasons for appealing the decision. No further supporting evidence can be submitted through this route.

    Alternatively, if the option is available to you, you may decide to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal within 28 days. With this type of appeal, supporting documents and witness statements can be submitted. Oral evidence can also be presented in court.

    If your application is still refused, you may have the right to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. If you have not been granted a right to appeal, you can challenge the decision through a Judicial Review.

    Having your immigration application turned down is upsetting, and the appeals process can be challenging. Seeking expert advice is crucial, because how well you present your case is the difference between success and failure.

    At QualitySolicitors, we work quickly to understand why your application was turned down. Our specialist immigration solicitors know what is at stake for you. We will build the strongest possible case so you have the highest chance of a positive result.

  6. Seeking asylum

    For some people staying in the country where they were born poses a risk to their life. QualitySolicitors immigration lawyers are dedicated to keeping you or your loved one safe.

    Anyone who is persecuted, or living in fear of persecution, can live safely and legally in the UK under the UN Refugee Convention. However, it is a complicated area of law, and the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 has tightened procedures. You need to provide strong evidence that your fear of persecution is well-founded to be recognised as a refugee and granted settled status.

    Our immigration solicitors are some of the highest regarded in the UK. They have extensive experience helping asylum seekers. We start by taking the time to understand your situation. Then we meticulously build evidence to ensure your application complies with every stage of the asylum process.

    The outcome of your case depends on the quality of guidance you receive. Our immigration lawyers in the UK are dedicated to helping you build a better life.

Tips for finding the right immigration lawyer

Finding the best immigration lawyer to assist with your case is critical. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Research credentials

    Find an immigration lawyer who is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Regulated solicitors have met rigorous standards to prove they have the knowledge and skills to offer professional immigration services.

  2. Seek recommendations

    Talk to people you trust who have used an immigration lawyer recently. Check online reviews to find solicitors who have achieved successful outcomes in cases similar to yours.

  3. Schedule a consultation

    By talking to a lawyer, you can find out whether they are someone you can work with. At this stage, they cannot offer you advice specific to your case because they have not seen your documents. However, you will be able to gauge whether they have the experience and dedication to help you achieve a successful result.

Importance of following UK immigration laws

It is very important to understand and follow UK immigration rules. If you stay in the UK longer than your visa permits, your rights are seriously affected. The Home Office does not issue visa reminders, so you need to check when your visa expires.

If you overstay, you will be given 30 days to leave the country, and you will not be entitled to work during that time. If you do not leave voluntarily after 30 days, you could be deported and banned from re-entering the UK for up to 10 years.

Whichever visa you currently have, it is vital to renew it before it expires or apply for a new visa.

If your visa is close to expiration or you have overstayed, our immigration lawyers can help you extend your stay legally.

QualitySolicitors UK immigration lawyers can help

QualitySolicitors network of partner firms has some of the most experienced immigration lawyers in the UK. We can find you a lawyer who has the specialist knowledge and skills to help with your individual case, no matter how challenging your circumstances.

Whether you want to work in the UK, secure permanent residence, establish a business, or bring your family to join you, our immigration lawyers have the expertise you need.

We can manage your UK visa application and guide you throughout the immigration process.

If your application is unjustly rejected, we can take it to administrative review and build a strong case for appeal.

Our immigration lawyers in the UK are committed to the highest standards of client care. They are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).

Speak to our expert immigration solicitors now.

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Your unmarried partner may be able to enter the UK on an Unmarried Partner visa if you have settled status or UK nationality.

If your visa application is refused, our specialist immigration solicitors can advise you what to do next. You may be able to appeal through an administrative review or the tribunal process.

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