Transfer of title

Are you looking to transfer the ownership of a property from one person to another? Although this is a fairly straightforward process, it’s important that it is completed correctly to ensure everything progresses smoothly and to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

Reasons for Transfer of Title

It is essential to know that property title transfer may involve legal processes and documentation, and there can be multiple reasons for the transfer of title in title deeds based on people’s specific circumstances. 

  1. Sales and Purchase

    The most common reason for the transfer of title is the sale or purchase of properties; when a property is sold, the title is transferred from the seller to the buyer or new owner. This transaction typically occurs in the form of a purchase agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the sales.

  2. Gifting the Property

    In some situations, a property owner may transfer their property ownership as a gift to another person or family member. For example, parents choose to gift their property to their children as an inheritance to provide a gesture of love, appreciation or to help someone. In these cases, it is necessary to update the title deeds of the property to edit the documents for new owners.

    It is recommended to seek independent legal advice from expert property solicitors who can provide you with independent legal advice regarding the inheritance tax, transferring ownership and probate process.

  3. Separation/Divorce

    Divorce or separation between spouses or partners might be a reason to update the registered title for transferring property if both are joint owners of the property or house. The process can be part of a settlement agreement or divorce agreement.

  4. Name Change

    If a person changes his name legally, it is necessary to update the property deeds to reflect their new name. This process is relatively straightforward and mainly involves the updation of property legal documents. 

  5. Loan/Mortgage

    For the sake of financing the property, the mortgage lender may require to become the legal owner of the property to secure the amount. Lenders usually retain the property's name unless the loan amount is repaid, either in the case of an existing mortgage or a new mortgage.

  6. Errors or corrections

    In some cases, property title deeds may need to update due to any error or mistakes in the legal title or transfer deed. This is necessary to avoid any discrepancies in ownership records of property deeds in the HM land registry.

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For more information, visit our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer of Title.

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