Actions against the police

The police perform a very challenging role in society. For the most part, they undertake this role extremely professionally. When they don’t, QualitySolicitors can help you decide what to do and how to pursue a negligence claim.

QualitySolicitors can advise anyone who feels the police have somehow acted unprofessionally or negligently. You may have reason to claim for wrongful arrest or police mistreatment. It may be that excessive force was used or your rights have been violated, such as excessive ‘stop and search’ procedures. Whatever the cause, if the consequence was distress or injury, you need to understand what your rights are, and what options you have to seek compensation or damages.

Our expert lawyers can advise you on what to do and how to do it. QualitySolicitors has some of the best lawyers in the UK who successfully deal with negligence claims. They will support you throughout your case, explaining information simply so that you understand. We make sure you are kept up-to-date so that any decisions you take are made knowing what options you have, and the likely consequences of each.

Find your local QualitySolicitors office to discuss police negligence or any other claim against the police.

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