Notarial services for business

When doing business abroad there will be times when you need to present documentation to foreign authorities. And because every country has its own legal system and unique requirements for official documents, it’s important to ensure your paperwork will be accepted in other countries. It may therefore be necessary to have the documents validated (notarised) by a Notary so that they will be accepted by a particular country’s authorities.

A Notary will witness your signature, confirm your identity and ask if you understand the contents of the documents.

If you have documents that need notarising for use aboard, the first step is to give us a call. The Notary will arrange a time to meet you face-to-face and will explain what documentation and identification you will need to bring with you so the process can start as quickly as possible. The Notary will explain all the requirements and answer any questions you may have. We can also arrange translations and provide support to make your overseas business dealings run more smoothly. You’ll receive a full explanation of all the processes, timescales and costs from the outset and will be kept up-to-date throughout every stage.

Notarial services for business include:

  • Witnessing and validating business and property documents
  • Authenticating and/or translating business documents (including intellectual property documents, tenders, contracts, bills of exchange and shipping protests)
  • Authenticating documents for use in foreign courts
  • Certifying educational and professional qualifications
  • Confirming the capacity of company directors
  • Validating documentation to open overseas bank accounts
  • Certifying identity documents (including changes of name, corporate status and good standing)
  • Legislation of documents through the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, embassies or consular offices
  • Recording events or documents for use as evidence
  • Taking affidavits, declarations and depositions
  • Arranging translations from foreign languages into English and vice versa

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