School plays a large part in a child’s life and any parent or guardian will want their child’s education to be a smooth and successful experience. At QualitySolicitors we believe that the education system should provide all of a child’s educational needs as well as a safe, happy environment where they can thrive, learn and have fun.

Some children may need extra help from time to time during their school life, or your family may have special circumstances that require consideration when planning your child’s education. For most children, the education system provides everything they need but when things go wrong, we’re here to help.

With a wealth of experience in education law, our solicitors can help with everything from advice regarding non-attendance and bullying to choice of school and special educational needs. And if you need advice regarding further education or higher education, we can help in these areas too.

With our free initial assessment promise it’s easy to get answers to your initial questions, and you may be eligible for legal aid. Our friendly solicitors will explain your options and help you plan your next steps. Plus, with our same day response and no hidden costs promises, we make education law simple, straightforward and clear. So, if you’d like to talk about any aspect of education law, call one of our experienced, local solicitors today on 08082747557.

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