Unlawful eviction

Being forced to leave your home is upsetting and stressful whatever the circumstances. But if your landlord has evicted you without following the correct procedures, they may have broken the law and you may be able to take action against them.

Legal Procedures Landlord must follow.

A landlord may wish to evict you for many reasons, but even if you have fallen behind on your rent or have broken the terms of your tenancy, your landlord still has to follow the correct procedures when asking you to leave. This involves the written notice depending on the reason for the eviction, for example non, payment of rent, and it requires the tenants to pay the outstanding amount in the specific given notice period or the tenants must vacate the property within the time frame.

Another legal procedure involves court hearings for the further evaluation of the case, and the decision will be made on the basis of a court order. If any person attempts to remove another person unlawfully from the residential premises, then he is considered guilty of an offence according to the Protection from Eviction Act 1977

Legal Assistance for Unlawful Evictions

If you believe you have been unlawfully evicted or if your landlord is threatening you with illegal eviction, we can help. Our housing solicitors have a wealth of expertise in dealing with eviction proceedings and will be able to ensure you are treated fairly. The feeling of losing your home can be frightening; we understand the emotional and legal challenges associated with illegal evictions.  You can talk to us in complete confidence, and we will answer any questions, explaining what rights you have as a tenant. Importantly, we'll be on your side to provide the help and support you need. We may also be able to help you make a claim against your landlord if you have suffered injury, distress or damage to your possessions as a result of their actions.

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