Approaching your boss or asking your HR department for help can often be daunting, especially if, like 42% of women in our survey, you’re unsure of how they’re going to react to your news.

That’s why it’s important you understand your maternity and parental rights. We’ve put together handy guides to pregnancy and being a working parent for you, so you know where you stand, right from the start. You may find that just being aware of the facts helps you to feel much more confident.

Expecting a baby? Congratulations!

No-one really wants to think about legal stuff at this exciting time, and speaking to a lawyer isn’t usually up there on most new-parents’ to-do list alongside fitting out the nursery or buying the pram. But in fact there are a variety of legal issues you may face as a new parent, so QualitySolicitors have put together this short guide to explain them.

We hope you find this guide useful and if, in the future, you want any kind of legal advice we’d be happy to help.

Download the guide