Planning law

f you are looking to make changes to your home, there are planning laws that say what you can and cannot do. There are also specific processes to follow. QualitySolicitors take away many of the worries as we know you have enough on your plate. Our Conveyancing solicitors
simplify the complexities of planning law for you and ensure that you remain compliant with the law to avoid any planning issues.
Planning solicitors are legal experts who specialise in this field and can advise you regarding building regulations, planning applications, the environmental impact of suggested changes, any relevant appeal or judicial reviews.

Understanding the Basics of Planning Law

Planning laws are in place to prevent haphazard changes to your property or the construction of new ones without thoughtful consideration. It's crucial that you know about the legal impacts before embarking on any home improvement project. These laws are designed to maintain the healthy growth of cities and towns and save the interest of all communities. 

The main purposes of planning law

  • Orderly Development
  • Public safety
  • Community Welfare
  • Environmental Protection
  • Affordable Housing
  • Public infrastructure

Importance of Planning Law in Property Alterations

Planning law ensures you don't change your property or build a new one without considering the wider community or obtaining permission from local planning authorities. You need to know what these legal controls are. Planning laws are complex. If you want to change the use of your property or your gardens, you will need to do this properly. If you wish to object to changes made by your neighbours, there is a way to do this, too. And for anyone living in a listed building or conservation area, you need to know what laws apply.

Objecting to changes by your neighbours

Although living in a close community can be wonderful, it can be challenging sometimes when your neighbours are making changes to their property that you believe may have a negative impact on your own. In such moments, it's important to remember that you have rights and options available to address your concerns.

How QualitySolicitors can Assist you?

We explain the planning system as simply as we can. Our planning lawyers are experts, so you have the comfort of knowing we won't knowingly let you upset your neighbours. You will be kept in touch with them throughout the process. We promise that any queries you have will be dealt with promptly. Make contact with QualitySolicitors, and together, we can plan the best way for you to achieve your property dream. Call us today on 08082747557.


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