Commercial Litigation and Business Disputes

QualitySolicitors have extensive experience in managing complex commercial disputes. Our commercial litigation solicitors have strong negotiating skills to settle matters out-of-court and considerable expertise with court litigation. Whatever legal dispute you face, we will secure the best outcome for you as efficiently as possible.


What is commercial litigation? 

Commercial litigation is legal action that arises when there is a dispute involving businesses or commercial entities. 

Business disputes can be between companies, individuals or partnerships. They might involve property, contracts, intellectual property or employment law.


Who we help

QualitySolicitors network of partner firms assist organisations across all sectors. We provide legal services to:

  • Private sector businesses
  • Sole traders
  • Public sector bodies
  • Charitable organisations

Within businesses, our commercial litigation solicitors can advise:

  • Senior executives (such as CEOs, HR managers and business owners)
  • Individuals (directors, investors, shareholders and others)

Our experts in litigation and dispute resolution can support you throughout your case. We can clearly explain your options as we work towards a commercial dispute resolution that is right for you. 

Our commercial litigation solicitors have vast experience in resolving a range of disputes through negation, mediation, arbitration, tribunals, county courts and the High Court.


Commercial litigation services

QualitySolicitors partner firms have a range of experience across different types of commercial disputes, such as:


How QualitySolicitors resolve commercial disputes

Our specialist commercial litigation solicitors resolve disputes in several ways.

Early dispute resolution

We start by sending the other party a ‘letter before action’. This letter explains what steps the other party must take to resolve the dispute so legal proceedings will not be taken against them.

The party who receives the letter before action may accept the claim or make a counterclaim. We may then enter into negotiations with their lawyers to work towards a solution.

Early dispute resolution is cost-effective, quick and minimises stress for all parties. Our solicitors resolve many commercial disputes at this stage.

Alternative dispute resolution

If a dispute cannot be resolved early, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the next step. Arbitration and mediation are types of ADR.


 With arbitration, an independent arbitrator, who can be an expert in a particular field, decides the outcome of your case based on the facts presented to them. Their decision is legally binding.

Arbitration is less expensive than settling a dispute in court. In addition, an arbitrator has more freedom than a judge to find the fairest solution. A judge can usually only take certain measures like setting deadlines or giving financial orders.


Mediation is similar to arbitration, except that an independent mediator does not decide the outcome of a case. Instead, the mediator sits down with both parties and encourages them to find an amicable solution themselves.

An independent expert may also be present, such as an accountant, if relevant to the case.

Any settlement reached through mediation is not legally binding. However, agreements can be turned into a legally binding order.

Like arbitration, mediation is a cost-effective and faster way to reach an agreement than going through the courts.

Court proceedings

Our aim is to reach an amicable dispute resolution for you. However, if court proceedings are necessary, our solicitors have the exceptional legal expertise required to fight your case. Our commercial litigation specialists have represented clients in complex cases to the High Court and we have an outstanding success record.

We can advise you on the best strategy and prepare the strongest possible case. In court, we can speak on your behalf, presenting your case to a judge. The court will then make a legally binding order based on the facts.


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QualitySolicitors understand that disputes can take a toll on a business in terms of time, money and reputation. We can work in partnership with you to find a fast, satisfactory solution, freeing you to focus on your company again.

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Commercial litigation begins with a ‘letter before claim’. The party who receives the letter must respond by accepting the claim or making a counterclaim.

If the matter is not resolved at this stage, the next step is alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If a positive outcome is still not achieved, then the case may proceed to court.

Commercial litigation is the process of settling a matter in court, whereas dispute resolution encompasses all the ways of resolving a dispute, including through ADR.

Yes. Mediation is a very effective and quick way to resolve a commercial dispute. Settling a matter efficiently, to everyone’s satisfaction, can preserve business reputation and save time, money and stress.

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