Probate (the legal processes that govern what happens when someone dies) is something that people might not normally think about until it directly affects them. 

But making a will is the only way of guaranteeing that your estate is administered and distributed in the way you want it to be.  Or alternatively, speaking to a solicitor about probate issues can help you avoid much future heartache about what will happen to an estate if you or someone close to you were to die.

“Don’t leave it to chance”, as they say.  And ‘they’ are usually right.

This is a very wide-ranging and important area of law, so we have a lot of information on our website to handle queries, issues or worries about the many aspects of wills and probate, including; making a will, inheritance and tax planning, the Barnardo’s will scheme, notarial services for wills and probate, trusts, power of attorney, contesting a will or inheritance, and estate administration.  Thousands of people like you visit the QualitySolicitors website every day to find out more information on all things to do with wills and probate, so we hope these pages are helpful for you.

But don’t forget that when you do decide to speak to a solicitor, then we have a whole network of wills and probate lawyers to help you.  Even if you just want to talk a legal issue through with someone, we offer with Free Initial Assessment to help clarify where you stand and how we could help you.  Then (if you want it) we can also offer you an introductory Ask the Legal Expert consultation with one of our lawyers for just £99.