Neighbour disputes and anti-social behaviour

In an ideal world, we would all get on with our neighbours all of the time. But in reality, living close to other people can sometimes be difficult and disagreements can arise. If left unresolved, minor annoyances can often turn into major disputes so it’s always best to tackle issues as soon as they occur and try your best to stay on good terms with your neighbours.

Reasons for Neighbour Disputes

Disputes can arise for many reasons, from complaints about noise or disagreements about rights of way to quarrels about car parking or the maintenance of hedges and trees.

  1. Excessive noise: 

    One of the most common reasons for neighbour disputes is excessive noise from parties, loud music, dog barking, and other loud noise that ultimately become the reason for police complaints. Excessive noise can disrupt the peace of a person's own home, cause sleep disturbance and can hinder their daily activities.

    Many local authorities and councils have noise regulations in place that applies to council tenants, private landlords or homeowners and social housing landlords to tackle antisocial behaviour. 

  2. Nuisance: 

    Nuisance is also considered anti social behaviour because it causes annoyance or inconvenience to neighbours in any form of abusive behaviour and negatively impacts the well-being of neighbours. In case of serious nuisance, neighbours might complain to the police station. Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 provides detail about the anti social behaviour and who to report in these scenarios.

  3. Verbal abuse: 

    Certain activities like verbal aggression, physical aggression, fights, harm, and threats reported are highly anti social behaviours because they involve the intention to harm others. Addressing and reporting these criminal behaviour to support services is mandatory for further investigation.

Resolving Neighbour Disputes

It's always best to try and resolve issues directly with your neighbour according to circumstances. Quite often, taking a friendly approach, talking and being prepared to negotiate are all that's needed to solve most issues. However, when things become more serious, seeking legal advice may be the best step to take further action.

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