Prison law

Being in prison can be distressing for both you and your loved ones. QualitySolicitors works with prisoners and their families to ensure legal rights and privileges are looked after.

Legal support is available to individuals in or about to enter prison, or at release. When taken in to custody, you might want to appeal against the conviction or the sentence. Prison transfers, assistance with complaints and representation at disciplinary-related meetings can be a worry when inside. And at release, terms of parole and recall can cause anxiety.

Our specialist lawyers work with you to ensure you understand your legal rights. Our aim is to ensure you and your family are cared for properly. QualitySolicitors explain your rights and privileges thoroughly and simply. You will know what options you have, and the consequences of each. Our expertise in prison related law means you know effective action will be taken where possible. Our aim is to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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Expert legal advice you can rely on,
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