QualitySolicitors have lawyers who specialise in this area of law who can help you whether you need to:

  1. contest or challenge a will, so you receive your proper inheritance, or
  2. make a claim where there is no Will or you have been left out, or
  3. defend a will or your right to inherit – if it is being challenged by someone else.

Our lawyers understand how upsetting it can be to challenge or face a challenge to a Will when already struggling from the loss of someone you loved.

With Will disputes and family inheritance disputes it is important to act quickly. Our Free Initial Assessment service enables you to take confidential telephone advice from a specialist, to see if you have a situation where we can help. If you do, the next step is often a face to face meeting to go through the details and plan your next steps. This is provided by our £99 Ask the Legal Expert service. Call us now on 0808 274 7557 or use our reply form to receive your Free Initial Assessment.