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In a world where many of us live in close proximity to our neighbours, it’s not uncommon for confusion regarding boundaries to arise. However, when handled correctly, a boundary dispute doesn’t have to mean falling out with your neighbours. Many boundary issues can be resolved amicably and fairly.

Boundary disputes can cover many issues from disagreements over boundary lines to agreeing who is responsible for the maintenance of shared areas. Sometimes it may not be clear who owns a particular boundary and, if changes have occurred over time, it can be difficult to resolve boundary disputes without the help of a specialist property solicitor.

At QualitySolicitors our specialist boundary dispute solicitors can help take the stress out of any disagreements and boundary disputes you may be having with your neighbours. We may be able to find answers simply by referring to your property deeds but if this isn’t possible, we can carry out further investigations to resolve issues.

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A solicitor can assist you in resolving a boundary dispute by reviewing property deeds and other legal documents, gathering evidence to support your case, negotiating with your neighbour, and, if necessary, representing you in court.

To support your boundary dispute case, you will need to provide evidence such as registry documents, surveys, photographs of the disputed areas, any previous agreements with the neighbours, and witness statements. It is also helpful to document any communication you have had with your neighbour regarding the boundary dispute.

Yes, a boundary dispute can potentially affect your ability to sell your property. Buyers may be put off by uncertainty and legal costs associated with boundary disputes.

Also, the buyer may inherit an unresolved boundary dispute, if the dispute remains unresolved. It is crucial to settle any boundary disputes before listing the property for sale to minimise the risk of complications or delays in the sale process.

The general rule for boundary ownership is that the landowner is responsible for maintaining the boundary features on their property, such as walls, fences, and hedges. The property deeds, which may include a written description or plan of the land, are usually used to determine the exact location of the boundary.

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