Christmas Shopping Top Tips

With Christmas shopping season looming and flash sales such as Black Friday (27th Nov) and Cyber Monday (30th Nov) just around the corner, we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you get the best deals and have peace of mind once you get those items home.

Make a list

Before you start your Christmas shopping, make a list of what you need to get and the budget you need to stick to. This will help you to stay focused and not spend unnecessary money.

Do your homework

Research which retailers are offering deals before you start your Christmas shopping to get the best value for your money. You can usually find this on their website or social media channels.

Shop online first

Before braving Black Friday crowds, check to see if the retailer is offering the same—or even better—deals on its website. Some will offer online exclusives you couldn't get by walking into one of their shops, along with deals on Cyber Monday.

Don’t be pressured into buying something

Many Black Friday sales are designed to get you into the store so you see other things you may like to buy. Resist impulse buying, especially if you don't know how good a deal you're really getting.

Check return policies and ask for a gift receipt

The new consumer rights act states that you can only return, replace and get a refund on items within a 30 day window, meaning Christmas presents bought on Black Friday will automatically be out of this timeframe. To get around this, ask the retailer for a gift receipt that allows them to return items post Christmas. Just remember to check what the return policy is on this as it differs depending on the retailer.

Check delivery times

If you've placed an order for a Christmas present and the company hasn't delivered your items in the promised amount of time, you are in your right to cancel the purchase and receive a full refund. The retailer is also responsible for your goods up until you get them, so if something is damaged on its way to you, they have to make things right.

Get proof of postage

If you are returning an item by post get proof of postage from the post office, as the law states that you will get a refund within 14 days of cancelling or returning to the seller. They also have to refund you basic delivery costs too.

Use a credit card

For items over £100, if you have one, you could use a credit card for extra protection against purchases. The UK law considers your credit card company equally liable if you suffer a breach of contract such as items being faulty or the company going bust before you receive your items or service. But don’t be tempted to get a credit card just for your Christmas shopping as the bills can last well into the next year.

Exercise your consumer rights

If your goods are faulty or not satisfactory you have a right to return these and get a replacement or refund within 30 days of the purchase. If your retailer does not honour this, seek advice.

Always keep the receipt

You will need this to get a full refund and it makes the returns process run much smoother.


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