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Conveyancing quotes for properties in the UK

Discover the exact cost of your conveyancing with our online conveyancing quotes. In just a few clicks, you can receive a personalised estimate tailored to your unique property needs whether you are looking for a property sale, buying or selling process, remortgage or transfer of equity. We believe in transparency—no hidden costs, just clear, concise figures to kickstart your stress-free move.

Conveyancing as a legal process

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal ownership of property or land from one party to another and is often the most complex, stressful and important process people go through in their lifetime. Therefore, whether you’re purchasing a property or selling your home, finding the right conveyancing solicitor and receiving an efficient, detailed and straightforward online conveyancing quote are imperative.

Property solicitors are here to provide a full breakdown of the anticipated costs associated with the services provided during the conveyancing process. This allows people to budget effectively and avoid any future surprises.

We significantly reduce the inconvenience associated with receiving multiple calls from different firms. The clients will only receive a follow-up call from the best-matched law firm in the UK within our QS Network law firms.

Read on to discover what should be included in a conveyancing quote, how an efficient quote is generated and how selecting the right conveyancing solicitor can lead to a smooth and streamlined process.

Swift 4-Step Process for Quick Action

  1. Make Contact: Reach out online or via phone
  2. Instant Quote: Receive a detailed quote in minutes
  3. Instruction: Swiftly initiate the conveyancing process
  4. Start Work: Your solicitor gets to work without delay

Ideal for clients needing experienced conveyancing solicitors to act quickly, our swift four-step process ensures a seamless transition to their new happiness. Speak to our team today, or leave your details here. Let the journey to your new happiness begin!

Generating a Conveyancing Quote

The conveyancing process can be stressful and often involves complex legal jargon. Property solicitors can alleviate any concerns you may have and guide you through the process step by step, keeping you updated at every stage.

The legal fees will vary depending on several factors relating to the following:

  • Price of the property
  • Freehold/leasehold status
  • Cash/mortgage buying status
  • Online/offline solicitor status
  • Locations
  • Shared ownership and other help-to-buy schemes
  • Additional services

Key Components of a Conveyancing Quote

An online conveyancing quote should make the distinction between solicitor conveyancing fees and conveyancing disbursements.

Solicitor conveyancing legal fees are paid directly to conveyancers for the legal work they do on your behalf, related, but not limited, to the following:

  • Contracts
  • Searches
  • Mortgages
  • Surveys
  • Pre-contract enquiries
  • Stamp Duty Administration
  • HM Land Registry Checks & Registration
  • Regular contact throughout the process

Conveyancing disbursements refer to the payments that property solicitors make to third parties on your behalf. Although the costs differ depending on the type of property, they generally include the following:

HM Land Registry: conveyancing solicitors will obtain details of the property, including ownership and general boundaries, and/or register the new ownership.

Anti-money laundering checks: many companies are now taking this extra, precautionary step to safeguard themselves and their clients.

Searches: local, bankruptcy, environmental and water drainage searches are typically required, and all incur costs.

Potential Pitfalls

Be aware of potential hidden conveyancing costs: Certain amounts may be concealed among the disbursement costs when, in fact, they can be hidden fees. These may include bank transfer costs, fees for verifying your identification, and miscellaneous administration charges. It’s always prudent to check every listed item and ensure that you understand exactly what you are paying for.

Another consideration involves VAT. Ensure that the breakdown of the associated costs makes clear which items are subject to tax and which are zero-rated or exempt. If a company offers fixed-fee conveyancing, consider that the amount paid at the outset may only relate to the legal services provided, not the disbursements. The same applies to a no-sale, no-fee rate: always check what the guarantee actually covers before making the leap.

It's worth noting that even though the payment will not appear in the conveyancing quote, the conveyance solicitor typically pays the estate agent out of the completion funds on your behalf. This is reflected in the solicitor’s completion statement, which is typically prepared between exchange and completion.

Estimating Conveyancing Fees and Establishing a Budget

The average conveyancing fees when buying a house are £500 to £1,150, plus disbursements, but costs can differ considerably. The average fees when selling a house range between £610 and £950; conveyancing fees for a leasehold property are typically £300 more.

Always ensure that you understand exactly what you’re paying for and that your property solicitor is aware that you’re working to a budget, if applicable.

Securing a Conveyancing Quote

Securing a conveyancing quote is simple. Just provide your information digitally for an online quote or speak to a property solicitor directly, enabling you to be provided with an estimated final fee. If you decide to proceed, ensure that you receive and understand a full breakdown of all fees to mitigate the risk of surprise costs further down the line.

An online conveyancing quote typically means a quicker and more efficient process than other, more traditional methods. Online completion is a time-saving and effortless way of ensuring you’re in the driving seat and can have confidence in your decision, with a visual representation of the costs providing accuracy and transparency.

Role of the Survey

A home survey, sometimes known as a home-buyers report, is an important part of any property purchase, as it seeks to establish the overall condition of a property and identify any potential issues. If you’ve applied for a mortgage, the mortgage company may require a survey to be conducted to confirm that the property is worth what is being paid for it. A surveyor attends the property, conducts a detailed inspection and identifies issues ranging from flood risk to structural instability, helping you decide if you are making a wise investment.

There are different levels of survey, offering varying degrees of detail. They comprise the following: a brief overview and valuation (Level 1), recommended if you are buying a standard, modern property in good condition; a visual inspection (Level 2), a ‘non-intrusive’ assessment identifying any issues such as damp and subsidence, which is available with or without a market valuation; and a comprehensive assessment (Level 3), grading the seriousness of each issue identified, recommended if you are buying a property that is over 50 years old, of unusual design or in poor condition.

Although not obligatory in all cases, surveys are highly recommended for all parties involved to achieve peace of mind. The party who requires the survey report – typically the buyer – pays for the service.

Selecting the Right Conveyancing Solicitor

Although it’s theoretically possible to complete the paperwork yourself and be your own conveyancer, it is strongly recommended that you instruct a specialist conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer, as they are experts in this field of law and they can take care of all the legal work required, can ensure the process goes smoothly and can integrate the ‘small print’ to avoid future issues.

To ensure you receive value for your money, fill out our conveyancing quote form, and our expert team will get in touch with you. Licensed conveyancers can charge conveyancers fees in different ways: fixed fee, a percentage cost of the value of the property or an hourly rate 

It is advisable to check whether property solicitors are UK regulated solicitors and members of Law Society CQS, if they’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and what service promises they make. It’s also wise not to underestimate the importance of reviews. Word-of-mouth and online reviews offer great insight into client satisfaction and various working practices, helping you to decide if a particular conveyancer is the right fit for you.

Communication is vital throughout this often lengthy and complex process, so ensure you are given a rough idea of how often you will be updated and that you will be contacted via your preferred method. Many conveyancing solicitors now have an application in which you can check the progression of your file 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can be assured that the process is progressing as it should, or you can promptly identify and raise any concerns you have.

Why Choose QualitySolicitors?

QualitySolicitors takes pride in its excellent customer service. Our expert team guarantee regular updates via our clients’ preferred method and provides personal solicitor information, including email and telephone details, to ensure an efficient service.

Nationwide Service, Local Excellence

QualitySolicitors stands out by offering more than conveyancing services. We initiate the instruction process promptly, boasting a trusted network of vetted solicitors nationwide. Our service is designed for efficiency, ensuring you experience excellence at every step.We boast a trusted nationwide network of vetted solicitors, over a decade of industry experience, facilitate over 3,000 moves every month and offer highly competitive conveyancing quotes. Our trusted specialist solicitors provide an efficient and professional service every time.

Securing an online conveyancing quote with QualitySolicitors is easy. simply complete our digital contact form or call us on 0808 304 6112. One of our property specialists will swiftly contact you to discuss how and what we charge, with full transparency, allowing you to initiate the conveyancing process. The peace of mind that stems from straightforward, jargon-free and reliable service is second to none, and this ethos is at the heart of everything we do. 

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