Moving house checklist

So, you've accepted an offer, found your new house, and you have a moving date. It's now time to start preparing for the move! Here are a few helpful suggestions to get you and your house in order before moving day. Let the countdown begin...

  • Book your removal company (as early as possible). The British Association of Removers is a great place to search for reliable movers. The database has details of many removal companies around the UK including their insurance cover and references from previous customers. 
  • Book time off work. You may want a few days off work either side of your moving date to get everything ready for the move and to get settled in to your new home. 
  • Rally the troops. Ask friends and family for their help on your moving day. 
  • Start to think about running down your food cupboards and frozen food. 
  • Order and start collecting boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap and any other materials you'll need to pack up your house. 
  • It's easy to collect clutter in your garage/shed/loft. Take the opportunity to have a clear out. Throwing out things you don't want or need in your new house will save your movers' time, which will therefore save you money!
  • Start to de-clutter. Go through non-essential belongings like books, DVDs, ornaments, clothes and toys, to decide what’s going with you, and what’s heading to a car boot sale, charity shops or the bin. Then, start to box up what you are keeping. 
  • List what furniture you can or want to bring with you to the new house, and arrange for unwanted items to be recycled, scrapped or donated to charity. 
  • Organise and label the boxes, marking what rooms you intend them to go in. 
  • Make a floor plan of your new house to give to the removal company. Numbering bedrooms and bathrooms is also helpful. This will assist them in knowing where to put furniture and boxes, and will save a lot of confusion and added hassle.
  • Notify the relevant companies and organisations of your moving date and new address. Here’s a handy list of who to contact:

-    Gas company
-    Electricity supplier
-    Water provider
-    Telephone and internet provider
-    Council tax office
-    Insurance companies
-    DVLA
-    TV licensing 
-    Schools and employers
-    Banks and building societies
-    Credit card companies
-    Passport office
-    Doctor and dentist surgeries 
-    Post Office for post redirection 
-    Newspaper and magazines subscriptions 

  • Send change of address cards or emails to your friends and family.
  • Confirm moving day details with your chosen removal company.
  • Continue to box up your remaining belongings.
  • Contact the current occupants of your new house about the transfer of utilities.
  • Contact these new utility companies to confirm your personal details and moving date with them so they can adjust the billing accordingly. 
  • If you need to, arrange care for your children for the moving day. 
  • Collect any spare keys you may have given to family, neighbours or friends and drop them off with your solicitor or estate agent for the new owners. 
  • Pack valuable items and important documents securely and put these in a safe place until the move so they can’t be misplaced.
  • Pack an overnight bag for you and your family for your first night in your new house. Include phone chargers and a list of important phone numbers such as your solicitor and estate agent. 
  • Box up essentials like a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, snacks, some takeaway menus and perhaps some bubbly to celebrate!
  • Organise a small tool and cleaning kit that will equip you with the necessities. Things like cleaning products, rubbish bags, light bulbs, toilet rolls, a hammer, duct tape, and a screwdriver can all come in handy on moving day. 
  • Finish any last minute packing of your essential items.
  • Defrost your freezer.
  • Leave details for your buyers about rubbish collections, recycling schemes, milk deliveries and if you can, instruction manuals for any appliances and heating systems that you are leaving behind. 
  • Take note of the gas and electricity meter readings and the details of the last call made from your landline before you leave.
  • Lock all doors and windows in the house, garage and shed. 

Moving house can be exciting but it can also be challenging and we know there’s a lot to think about! We hope this checklist has mapped out the sorts of things you should consider in the countdown to you moving home. 

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