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At QualitySolicitors, we offer an expert and sympathetic service to our clients and combine professionalism with friendliness and approachability.

We consider it a privilege when you ask us to act for you in a matter that is without doubt of the greatest importance to you.

We act in a variety of law areas, including: family law, domestic abuse, personal injury and medical negligence and in these areas our solicitors have accumulated great experience.

If you live locally the chances are we have acted for friends, relatives and neighbours of yours, our clients coming to us mainly on recommendation.

We take pride in serving the local community with our legal skills. We believe in fighting hard for our clients and in going the extra mile.

If you have a legal problem, and would like to talk it over with us, call us today on 08082747557.

We provide sympathetic, professional advice and representation on family law issues including divorce, separation, cohabitation, financial matters, children, care, and domestic abuse.

Family problems, which lead to people seeking help form lawyers has been the backbone of our work since we set up here forty years ago.

During this time we have served the local community and developed a great wealth of experience.

We know that issues about family breakdown and over children are extremely worrying, and we treat them with the greatest consideration.

We deal with the following:-

  • Divorce
  • Financial settlements
  • Contact and residence disputes
  • Civil partnerships

The decision is always a painful one, and the emotions involved raw and difficult.

In this difficult area we have first-rate experience.

We know that these cases demand the greatest sympathy and attention, and we always give that. As a parent involved in care proceedings, your solicitor can be your greatest ally and support.

We also know that a lawyer dealing with these cases needs to know more than just the law. They need to know about child development, mental health, psychotherapy and other matters. This knowledge and experience grows over time and becomes the collected wisdom of the firm.

We usually do our own advocacy, but use experienced barristers when appropriate.

We work hard for our clients, and take cases as far as they need to go.

There is a wealth of experience within the team of dealing with:

  • Harassment and pestering
  • Threats of violence
  • Violence
  • Threats to remove a child
  • Removal of the child and obtaining their return

We know these matters can be very worrying, and in appropriate cases we can be before the judge that afternoon. We believe our experience is recognised, and we get referrals from organisations such as Brent Woman’s Aid and Advance.

We can help you obtain the following protection from the court:

  • Non-molestation order (injunctions)
  • Occupation orders – (to remove the other party from the home)
  • Orders for return of a child.
  • Order to prevent a child being taken abroad.

Where an order is not appropriate a warning letter to the perpetrator of domestic abuse can be helpful. Legal aid is still available for most of these matters, and we can advise you about that without charge. If not we can offer advice or a fixed fee. Call us today on 08082747557

Experience shows that people who have suffered due to medical negligence feel very upset: they have trusted their body to a professional, who has let them down. Although we can do no more than claim damages (an apology rarely comes), often the client will say that they are concerned that what happened to them does not happen to some one else.

Such cases need particularly sensitive handling, and the wealth of experience we have accumulated over the years in dealing with such cases certainly helps.

We deal with these cases under 'no win no fee' agreements, and again normally are able to give you the damages without deduction.

There are a number of steps to be taken:

  • We have to obtain copies of the medical notes.
  • We have to see if there appears to be case.
  • We get a report from a specialist doctor, who has shown willingness to deal with this kind of work.
  • We then write a detailed letter of claim to the hospital or treating doctor.
  • Then proceedings are prepared for issue.


We have significant and successful experience of claiming compensation for people unfortunate to have suffered injury through an accident. We cover all types of accident claims including those suffered at work, on the street, in a car, or through medical treatment.

We offer every service that the claims companies who advertise nationally offer, with the advantage that you will be dealing with a local solicitor whom you can meet and talk with face to face.

  • Your first interview is free.
  • All cases are taken on a 'No Win No Fee' basis.
  • There are no hidden extra costs.
  • Our solicitors are fully qualified experts and specialists with many years of experience.
  • We offer home visits if you are too sick to come to our office.
  • We will visit the scene of your accident with you and interview your witnesses.
  • Claims are dealt with promptly and efficiently.


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