Public law

As citizens, we rely on the state (or government departments) to provide a range of systems and services that help society run smoothly and provide us with safe and secure communities in which to live.

Within the state system there are various public bodies that are responsible for making decisions that affect the daily lives of individuals. These bodies can include government departments, education authorities, the health care system, and the prison service.

Sometimes people encounter problems when dealing with public bodies and public law exists to manage the relationship between individuals and the state. It can commonly cover matters such as human rights, criminal law, immigration and citizenship.

At QualitySolicitors we can help you address legal issues involving public law. This could range from handling a disagreement with your local authority to complaining about a consumer issue. We will explain your rights and help ensure you are treated fairly by public bodies. We can help you make a complaint and if necessary, support you when making a claim for compensation.

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