Telephone or internet

Most of us are reliant on our phone and internet connections. We can’t imagine life without a mobile or the internet. Therefore if something goes wrong with the service it can be hugely inconvenient.

With phone and internet providers having complicated charging structures, it can sometimes be difficult to be sure you are being charged the correct amount.

If you have a problem with a phone or internet provider the first step is to contact their customer services helpline. Often this will lead to your problem being sorted out or you being offered a discount that you are happy with.

Where you are still unhappy, you should put your complaint in writing. A sample letter is provided below for you to adapt to your circumstances. If that doesn’t do the trick you will need to consider taking matters further. Many companies will offer mediation or what is known as alternative dispute resolution. Finally for disputes over charges under £10,000 you can let a judge decide what is reasonable by using the small claims court.

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