If you are experiencing problems at your university or college, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. If the course is not being delivered as advertised or the establishment is not fulfilling its duties to you, you may wish to make a formal complaint, or want to seek a refund for your tuition fees. There may be other areas that are causing you problems such as issues with student accommodation, sub-standard teaching, discrimination or bullying.

QualitySolicitors can help you find solutions to the problems you may be facing at university or college. Where appropriate we can help you claim back tuition fees or make a claim for compensation. Wherever possible, we will help you resolve your issues amicably with the university or college but if further action is needed we can advise on what options are available to you.

At QualitySolicitors we avoid legal jargon and instead provide clear answers to all of your questions. With our same day response and free initial assessment promises, you can get answers to your immediate questions straightaway. Our friendly, approachable solicitors have expertise in all aspects of education law and are here to provide all the help and guidance you need, so to find answers to the issues you are facing, contact us today on 08082747557.