Special educational needs

Children are all individual with different abilities and needs but all children deserve to be treated fairly no matter what particular needs they may have. Local Education Authorities and schools have a duty to provide for children with special educational needs.

Most of the time, they get things right but problems can arise and sometimes children might not receive the support they need. When this happens, we’re here to support you. We can help you take legal action if the school or Local Education Authority is failing to provide what your child needs.

If your child has not yet been assessed, we can help you request an assessment of your child’s needs and a legal document called a statement of special educational needs may be issued. This document provides a detailed record of your child’s specific needs and explains what services the Local Education Authority must provide for them. Your Local Education Authority has a duty to implement the statement of special educational needs and we can help you ensure it is followed correctly. If you already have a statement that you would like us to review or that you would like to request changes to, we can provide help and guidance with this too.

If you are struggling to get the services and help that your child needs and deserves, we are here for you. Our expert solicitors have a thorough understanding of the education system and can help secure the best education for your child. We offer a same day response and with our free initial assessment promise, you can get answers to your immediate questions straightaway. To speak to an experienced education law solicitor, call us on 08082747557.

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