This is where we can help. QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby has a large Family Law Department, which is based at its Laneham Street offices in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. The firm has a first class reputation in successfully resolving Finances upon Divorce, and all aspects of Family Law, for thousands of satisfied clients in North Lincolnshire and beyond.

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Sue Rands, Senior Partner and Head of Family Law is an advanced member of the Law Society Family Law Panel, with a particular accreditation in Financial Relief on Relationship Breakdown. 

In my 26 years’ experience, the most obvious thing that has worked successfully for me and my clients is being efficient, obtaining succinct financial disclosure and timetabling matters through to a conclusion at the earliest opportunity if we cannot settle matters fairly quickly. I have found my clients just want an end point, and that to arrive, as quickly as possible be it through negotiations, mediation or financial court proceedings. My clients are aware through my accreditations and expertise that I am fully conversant with Family Law, but what they particularly like and applaud me for is my efficiency, direct approach and plain speaking.


There are a number of different ways that finances can be dealt with, including obtaining a Financial Order from the court, or by way of agreement through negotiation or Mediation. Any separation agreement provides a working contract between the parties. Also, any settlement that is agreed within any court proceedings, can be tied up by way of a Consent Order or alternatively by an order from the court.

One important aspect of finances is that of ‘Financial Disclosure’, which requires both parties to be completely honest about all their assets and liabilities. Financial Disclosure must be both full and frank - which allows you and your legal representative, if instructed, to have a good understanding of both parties’ positions. This will attract fairness throughout any process.

You can also watch Paralegal, Helen Dickinson’s video at the side of this page to see what she says about the matter.


One way of dealing with finances can be by negotiation. The most common form of negotiation is by way of direct discussions with the other side, or, if you are legally represented, through your Solicitors.


There is a requirement for those wishing to obtain a Financial Order from the court to first attend Mediation. This allows parties the opportunity to agree their finances between them, or alternatively opens the pathway to court proceedings. There are, however, exemptions to this requirement, which your legal advisor can discuss with you, or alternatively, look on Mediation websites.

Obtaining a Financial Order

This used to be known as Ancillary Relief, but can also be described as the process of allowing the court to deal with finances in the event of the parties being unable to agree amongst themselves.

The process for a financial order allows the parties to benefit from the court’s timetable. There will be fixed dates that information needs to be provided by each party. This ensures that all information is gathered at the earliest opportunity, to either provide for an early settlement, or the smooth running of the court process.

Orders relating to finances cannot be made until the court has granted Decree Nisi. There are, however, some interim orders, such as Interim Periodical Payments, that can be made prior to the granting of the Nisi. Final orders can only take effect, and be enforced, upon the pronouncement of Decree Absolute.

There are a number of orders that the court can grant - such as property transfers, lump sums, periodical payments, pensions and freezing orders.

Here are some of our client testimonials below…

"I needed help with a divorce, during which time Sue Rands acted on my behalf, guiding me through the complexity of the legal documentation, representation in court and dealing with the division of the matrimonial estate. I found her extremely supportive and efficient, communicating issues quickly through email or phone and letter, if paperwork needed signatures."

JW, Scunthorpe

It was efficient, hassle free and thorough. Easy to understand. Straight to the point, nice lady.”

MW, Scunthorpe.

“Superb stress free service. Excellent communication throughout. Many thanks.”

EB, Winterton

So, if you have any questions on financial matters relating to a relationship breakdown, or any other aspects of Family Law, why not give us a call today on 01724 854000 to see how we can help?