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Our Member Firm

Edward Hughes

Edward Hughes Solicitors are a long established firm within the area, supporting individuals and businesses all over North Wales and beyond. The original firm of Edward Hughes was established in 1948. We have two offices, one in Rhyl and one in Colwyn Bay. Our aim is to offer a high-quality service to all our clients, whether they are paying privately or are funded through the Legal Aid Agency

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25 Princes Drive
, Colwyn Bay
, LL29 8HT
01492 535 640
29/31 Kinmel Street
, Rhyl
, Denbighshire
, LL18 1AH
01745 343661

Our Services:

Our law firms provides services for both individuals and businesses in Rhyl, including: 

Personal Services:

  • Disputes solicitors in Rhyl

    Disputes result in damaging behaviours and relationships, and sometimes, they become unavoidable. Our specialist law firms aim to work with you to find the best outcomes to avoid conflicts. They can handle different types of disputes like boundary disputes, will disagreements, housing disputes, etc. Civil litigation solicitors are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes.
  • Conveyancing solicitors in Rhyl

    Conveyancing is a legal process of buying and selling properties and transferring ownership from one person to another. The process of conveyancing can be complex without any legal assistance. Everyone wants a smooth and hassle-free conveyancing process. It is crucial to engage a reputable lawyer to handle the legal side of conveyancing.  Conveyancing solicitors in North Wales play a vital role in guiding buyers and sellers to make property purchases; we have experience dealing with advice on property investment for both freehold and leasehold properties.
  • Criminal Defence solicitors in Rhyl

    Our law firms specialise in handling a wide range of criminal defence cases like arrest and prosecution, criminal fraud, injuries, medical negligence, and motoring offences. They can also assist in providing police station representation if you have been told that the police will interview you. At Quality Solicitors, we understand the importance of providing professional advice based on your situation. We are here to guide you on whether you are eligible for legal aid and the transparent cost of your case.
  • Employment law solicitors in Rhyl

    It is essential to choose reputable firms when seeking the services of employment law solicitors in cases of potential job loss, redundancy advice, settlement agreements, workplace issues, employment contracts and unfair dismissal. Experienced employment law lawyers in Rhyl and Colwyn Bay specialise in addressing people's concerns about employment law.
  • Family Law solicitors in Rhyl

    Every family situation is unique and faces different legal challenges; our family law solicitors in Rhyl possess extensive knowledge and offer comprehensive advice on family- related matters like divorce, marriages, cohabitation, separation, child arrangements, stepchildren, adopted children, living with parents and other family areas.
  • Wills and Probate solicitors in Rhyl

    We emphasise the importance of creating a will as part of sound financial planning for people and their families. Having a will gives you peace of mind and ensures that your wishes will be carried out if something happens to you in any circumstances. Specialist wills and probate solicitors in Rhyl and Colwyn Bay can help you prepare a legally valid will, and they are also here to assist you with the probate process.

Business Services

  • Business Disputes solicitors in Rhyl

    Our experienced solicitors specialise in resolving business disputes effectively so that you can focus more on the progress of your business. They deal widely in Partnership disputes, contractual disputes, Guarantor advice, Mediation, and Business dispute resolution. They will collaborate with you in identifying the key issues and problems and finding the best solutions for your business. Our lawyers in the Rhyl office communicate without any legal jargon, ensuring clear understanding to keep you informed about the cost and process.
  • Employment Law Solicitors for Employers in Rhyl

    Employment law solicitors in Rhyl and Colwyn Bay provide crucial support in a wide range of employment concerns for businesses. These include employment contracts, employment tribunals, redundancy advice and settlement agreements. Our law firms prioritise confidentiality, and we make sure you can discuss your matter openly; we understand having problems in the workplace often raises numerous questions about the flow of business; therefore, it's essential to have the legal help required to create employment policies.



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Several factors should be considered when choosing a lawyer, like a lawyer s specialisation, experience, communication, accessibility, fees and billing.

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