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Continuing healthcare funding and the coronavirus

With current continuing healthcare assessments being postponed indefinitely due to care homes having to close their doors, this should not prevent the initial checklist being instigated.

Under the NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework, Care Homes have an obligation to submit a checklist for an initial assessment.  Even if the assessment doesn’t take place until six months down the line, if your loved one is found to be eligible, the funding will be backdated to the 29th day after the checklist was submitted.

Don’t delay – if you notice a deterioration in your loved one, make sure a checklist is submitted for the initial assessment or if appropriate a fast track assessment if their health is deteriorating rapidly.

During this unprecedented crisis and the pressures on staff due to self-isolation, if you are able to visit, please take note of how your loved one is as care notes may be of a poorer quality – don’t take your foot off the pedal!

If you are concerned about your loved one and their funding, please contact our clinical advisor Judy Timson on or call 01926 354704.

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