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NHS continuing healthcare & Adult Social Care Blog | 6th – 19th January 2021

What a whirlwind few weeks it has been in regards to the constant changes to legislation and government guidance. As we look at the latest news for NHS Continuing Healthcare & Adult Social Care, we find ourselves in Lockdown for the third time. A time when people are struggling to find the right care for themselves or loved one can be made even harder during lockdown, so here is our round up of news to keep you up to date. If you have any questions or need further advice, contact our team today for free initial advice.
  1. GP’s push towards the target of delivering the first dose of vaccinations to care home by the end of next week. Care home residents are to be treated as a priority. To read the full article, CLICK HERE
  2. What happens next? How can we assist the adult social care sector to recover and, more importantly, how do we learn from the devasting impact of COVID-19? This article published by Local Government Chronicle highlights the need for future planning and draws interesting comparisons to the long term consequential impact of the Spanish flu. To read more, CLICK HERE. 
  3. Ombudsman decision: Personal budgets, assessment of needs and least restrictive option. In summary, this decision focuses on Ms Y. Ms Y was assessed to need 24 hour care and expressed a clear wish to remain in her own home with a package of care. The local authority decided that Ms Y’s personal budget would be £829.93 as this was the cost indication provided by a local care home. Ms Y’s attorney notified the local authority that the costs allocated to Ms Y were not sufficient to meet her needs and explained that she required between £950 - £1300 per week to ensure that Ms Y’s eligible needs could be met at home. The Ombudsman decision criticised the local authority for setting an upper limit for personal budgets and acknowledges that whilst costs of alternative care provisions may be explored, the local authority have a duty to ensure that the cost of P’s personal budget is sufficient to meet P’s care needs. To read the full decision, CLICK HERE.
  4. Reforms to the Mental Health Act 1983. On 13 January 2021, the Government announced its plans to replace and reform the MHA 1983. To read a summary of the key measures and proposals, CLICK HERE.
  5. What a worrying state of affairs, when due to care home visiting being restricted during the covid pandemic, there is the potential for neglect to occur. Sadly, on this occasion a grave case of neglect did occur. This will resonate with those who are unable to see their loved ones at this time. The sad situation is that in the drive to protect our most vulnerable from a deadly virus, an unseen level of neglect by those responsible for their care and wellbeing was going unnoticed by those with authority. On some occasions, people are lulled into thinking their loved one is ok when in fact the opposite is true. For the full article, CLICK HERE. 

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