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Legal Aid matters

Our first year of holding a community care contract certainly has had lots of highs and has highlighted the vital importance of legal aid in providing access to justice for those on limited income and with little or no savings.

Clients often tell us that they felt ignored and dismissed by social workers and others until they were able to get legal representation when, often for the first time, professionals seem to ‘take notice’. It seems unfair thatdue to the strict eligibility criteria for legal aid many vulnerable people can’t afford to seek legal advice about how to challenge decisions about their care. The cuts to legal aid over the past seven years have been far reaching, effectively barring access to justice for some of those in the greatest need.

One of the ways we try and tackle this is by delivering free legal update seminars and training to information officers, support workers and
advocates in the voluntary sector so that they raise awareness about legal aid and provide up to date support to clients.

If you are working with a client and are not sure if they are eligible for legal aid, please do get in contact by emailing or call 01926 354704

Article by: Sonal Lala 

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