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Partners to inherit more from intestate estates

From the 6th February 2020, spouses or civil partners with children will be able to inherit £270,000 from intestate estates.

If someone dies without making a will (known as dying intestate), a set of rules known as the Rules of Intestacy determine who is entitled to inherit the Estate and the order of entitlement.

Under the intestacy rules, if there are no children, the partner will inherit the entire estate.

If there are children, partners will inherit:

  • All of the deceased’s personal belongings
  • The first £270,000 of the estate
  • Half of the remaining estate,
  • The other half will go to their children.

The increase is very welcome but many people are still unaware that under the intestacy laws, unmarried partners and close friends cannot inherit.

For more information on who will inherit please see our Quick Answer Flow chart.

It is an essential part of financial planning to ensure you have written a legally valid will.  This ensures your estate is inherited exactly as you would choose and can prevent any problems for your loved ones while they are grieving.  To book an appointment to write or update your current will, please contact our team.

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