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How much does a divorce cost?

Everybody’s circumstances are different, from those couples who have agreed everything to those that are acrimonious with possibly more complex financial issues.

Whatever your circumstances, having the right divorce lawyer is vital to ensure you get the absolute best outcome for you but just as importantly also have a good customer experience with your lawyer through this stressful period of your life.

The basics

If you are divorcing someone:  If you start the divorce proceedings, you will be known as the petitioner.  You will be responsible for paying the court fee which is £550 as well as your own lawyer’s fees.  In some cases, you can also seek the cost of the divorce from the respondent. Please see below for details of our fixed cost packages.

If someone is divorcing you:  You will be known as the respondent.  Again, we offer fixed cost packages depending upon whether the divorce is contested or not. 

We have outlined below the various options that may be available to you.

Online Divorce

A step-by-step process online at  A court fee of £550 will need to be paid.  Often, once this process has been started, people seek legal advice on certain elements such as the financial consequences of the divorce and you may wish to use our “Ask the Legal Expert” package below.

Ask the Legal Expert Package - £99 + VAT*

Moore & Tibbits will provide 45 minutes expert advice from a specialist divorce lawyer.  Due to current restrictions, this will be either by telephone, Skype, Zoom or Teams.  We can discuss anything concerning you such as money, children and property.  This package may well be suitable for those wishing to do their own divorce but may need some expert guidance or also a first step for those intending to employ the services of a lawyer.  Contact Carline on 01926 491182 or email:

*Disclaimers will apply

Fixed Price Package - £700 + VAT*

We will do everything necessary to obtain your divorce, from start to finish.  You will receive legal advice from an experienced, well-regarded divorce lawyer.  The fixed cost includes the divorce element only.  For issues over money, property and/or children, please see details of our full service package.

*Exclusions apply – price does not include disbursements

Full Service Package – From £1,000 + VAT

The Full Service Package is suitable for when the divorce and/or your finances are not agreed and you expect to need to go to court for a judge to decide.  We provide a high quality service from experienced, qualified divorce lawyers to ensure you receive the best outcome.  With this package, we will take care of everything and will advise you at the outset of the likely cost.    You will also need to budget for potential additional fees which could arise for example in relation to valuer’s fees in respect of properties; Fees paid to pension fund managers and fees for a barrister to represent you at any hearings.  We will always keep you updated and transparent with these costs.

Assets and Pensions

"What happens to assets acquired after separation?" "What about assets disposed of before the divorce settlement?" and "What happens with our pensions" are just some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. Although at the time these may feel like a minefield, it's important that they are addressed correctly, and that advice is sought from a qualified solicitor. 

Carline Gayle-Buckle, has specialist knowledge relating to asset division. Carline originally trained and worked as an economist, giving her a wealth of experience in complex, financial matters including disputes relating to business assets and pensions. 

If you want peace of mind that you have an experienced lawyer with outstanding knowledge of assets and pensions, call Carline on 01926 354704 to talk through your concerns.

Child Arrangements

We make children our number one priority when a relationship breaks down. Throughout all the practical considerations that are required during a separation or divorce, we never lose sight of the fact that your children’s physical and emotional wellbeing comes first.  Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with child arrangement issues and at Moore & Tibbits, we provide fixed fee packages: 

  • Child Arrangements ‘Best Start’ Package
  • Child Arrangements ‘Best Start Plus’ Package.

For full details of what is included in these packages please click here

Collaborative Law – Court is not the only option

Going to court is not the only option for couples going through the divorce process and seeking to resolve any financial issues. Another, often less known about option is the collaborative law process. Please click here for further details on this process and whether it could be right for you. 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of  your divorce, please call Carline on 01926 354704 for a free initial consultation on how we can advise and support you through the process.


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