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A success story… P’s return to the community during Covid-19

Marie O’Malley, Charlotte Bell, and Judy Timson have recently been involved in a successful return home for their client who had resided in residential care for over 2 years.

This case involved, P, who was found by social services to be living at home without any central heating, hot water and eating out of date food during the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018. P was an only child and had resided at her family home all her life. P had no family locally and relied upon the support of friends and neighbours. Due to concerns regarding P’s welfare, P was admitted to residential care on a temporary basis. A referral was made to the Court of Protection team in relation to the management of P’s finances. We were instructed to make an application to the Court of Protection to appoint Debbie Anderson of this office as P’s financial deputy to manage her property and financial affairs as sadly P lacked capacity to manage her finances independently.

Whilst residing at the care home, P expressed a wish to go home and therefore the local authority were invited to undertake an up-to-date capacity assessment of P. The local authority’s assessment of capacity concluded that P had capacity to make decisions about her residence (where she should live). As P had indicated a wish to return home, we sought to work with the local authority to support P with a transition back to the community.

Although returning home was not that simple… P’s family home was in a poor state of repair and was not suitable for her immediate return. As a result, the team embarked on a major overhaul of her property in readiness for her move home.  The renovations work included electrical re-wire, installation of new boiler and central heating system, replacement double glazed windows, front door, back door and patio door, garage conversion into a wet room, installation of electric garage door, new kitchen and appliances, new bathroom and sanitary ware, repainting throughout and replacement carpets, flooring and tiling together with many trips to Dunelm for soft furnishings! P was actively involved in the process from providing the team with her preferred colour scheme, in particular her choice of green front door and garage door.

As well as property renovations, we were actively involved in discussions with the care home staff, P, the local authority and external care agency in relation to P’s transition back to the community from a residential care environment. We were also instrumental in organising and arranging care and support for P at home.

We are pleased to say that P successfully returned in May this year, the carers advised that the first thing she did on return home was go upstairs and look at her redecorated bedroom. P is very happy with the renovation works and is thriving back at her home.  

Marie O'Malley                                                       Charlotte Bell                                            Judy Timson

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