Laura Meyrick

Consultant in-house Law Costs Draftsman

Laura Meyrick joined Moore & Tibbits in August 2022 as a Consultant in-house Law Costs Draftsman.

Working primarily with our Court of Protection team, Laura specialises in publicly funded matters.  She has a detailed knowledge of the costs system both from the solicitor’s perspective but also from the requirements of the Legal Aid Agency. 

Laura has a wealth of experience in dealing with the costs associated with Court of Protection work which includes:

  • Short form bills
  • Annual general management bills
  • Legal Aid CCMS Claims
  • Court Assessment Bills
  • Very High Cost Case Plans

Her keen eye for detail and technical knowledge of the intricacies involved in the preparation of bills ensure costs recovery is maximised.

Outside of work Laura enjoys riding her horse, walking her dog and spending time with her young son and family.


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