CILEx route

Average duration to becoming a solicitor from A Levels: Minimum 6 years

A more practical alternative…

Becoming a Chartered Legal Executive through CILEx meant I had more flexibility than perhaps any other route. I am able to take my time whilst studying and go as fast (or as slow!) as I want to. Most students will earn as they learn which means unlike other qualifications you will not start a career on the back foot in thousands of pounds of debt. In fact, the cost for the whole course, start to finish, is £9,031 for an average of 5 years of training compared to just one year at university which costs £9,250.  Chartered Legal Executives can start earning as soon as they finish their studies and qualifying employment. They do not have to complete the LPC or compete for a training contract. There are so many different universities and colleges that offer the CILEx courses, or you can choose (like me) to go directly through the CILEx Law School.

CILEx lawyers specialise in one area of law, and their work is similar to that of a solicitor. Being a Chartered Legal Executive also means you can go on to be a judge, advocate, partner in a law firm or a coroner.


What have you learnt from taking the CILEx route?

“CILEx has made me realise that a) yes I am clever enough to do something academic, because the support CILEx provides is worth a huge amount more than they charge, and b) you can choose a different career path at any point in your life. It’s never too late.”

kirst macleod

Kirsty MacLeod
Trainee Legal Executive


Routes into Law - Cilex Route

**Correct as of July 2018**

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