Nine out of ten of those going through divorce are at risk of falling into the 'Divoid'

QualitySolicitors pilot revolutionary new mentoring service to help clients over the Divorce Void (Divoid).

A huge 89% of those going through or about to embark on divorce proceedings are worried about their general direction in life according to new research issued by QualitySolicitors today. The company, which has over 100 local branches across its UK network, has identified this common sense of helplessness and uncertainty in contemplating a post-marriage world as the ‘Divoid’ - a trap easily fallen into without appropriate support. 

In recognition of how common a problem the ‘Divoid’ is QualitySolicitors is today announcing the launch of a pioneering free divorce mentoring service - the first of its kind - to help those going through divorce to build a positive post-divorce life.  

The ‘Divoid’ identified by QualitySolicitors is an abyss made up of unknowns and new realities across four life areas:  living arrangements, finances, future relationships and relationships with children. Some key outtakes are:

  • Two thirds of parents (67%) have concerns about the impact of their divorce on their children’s future emotional well being
  • Three quarters (75%) will have to fundamentally re-assess their financial arrangements from mortgages through to insurances and pensions
  • Nearly half (47%) of those going through separation are worried about their post divorce living arrangements
  • Loneliness is a fear for one in three (32%)
  • More than double the number of men (38%) fear loss of access to their children to women (15%)
  • Women fear running the finances (43% women, 30% men), juggling childcare and learning new tasks like DIY (34% of women, 12% of men)
  • Men seemed less concerned at new-found single status than women (17% men, 29% women)
  • One in six (16%) women need to urgently find a job or one that pays more
  • The majority (51%) of those going through a divorce would welcome a mentoring service to help them negotiate their way through the ‘Divoid’

Craig Holt, President and Founder of QualitySolicitors, commented:  ‘The post-divorce world can be a daunting one, filled with previously unencountered scenarios at a time when you’re already feeling at a low ebb.  Our clients tell us it’s like undertaking a radical, enforced life makeover when you’re least equipped to deal with the challenge.'

 ‘So often the focus with divorce can be on deconstructing lives but at QualitySolicitors we’ve always believed that it should be just as much about re-building lives and creating positive futures.  Our clear message is that going through a divorce doesn’t have to put you at risk of becoming trapped in the Divoid.  Seek out services that can mentor you through this tricky time in life and set you on the path to look forward to rather than dread your new future.’

QualitySolicitors' pioneering new divorce mentoring service - being trialled in offices in Birmingham, Sheffield and Norwich - will be offered to clients and non-clients as a free Saturday coffee morning drop in session. At these mornings, those going through or about to embark on a divorce will be free to consult a carefully selected group of advisors from financial advisors through to life and career coaches, on the challenges facing them. QualitySolicitors hopes to roll out the service nationwide through 2014 and 2015.

Lean on me

Those going through divorce are typically aware of their risk of falling into a Divoid and keen to avoid it by seeking help.  Friends were the pillars of strength turned to by nearly half (45%) of those going through divorce with a quarter (27%) turning to family.

However, while a quarter (24%) of those going through divorce found their friends’ support invaluable, a further quarter (24%) found their friends couldn’t help at all through lack of personal experience.

A significant number (51%) of all those going through divorce would be receptive to finding out more about this type of free mentoring service. If the pilot is successful QualitySolicitors will look to offer the mentoring service across more of its branches.

The kids are (not) alright

Over two thirds (67%) of parents embarking on divorce are not only concerned about falling into the Divoid themselves but are worried about dragging their children with them.

Access is a particular pre-occupation for men with four in ten (38%) worrying about seeing enough of their children post-divorce compared to only one in eight women (15%).  For one in five women (20%) juggling childcare as a single parent is the major worry.

And parents’ concerns aren’t exclusively focused on current issues.  For one in ten parents (11%) there are major worries about how to pay for their children’s future education.

New (scary) beginnings

For many, the risk of falling into the Divoid is significantly increased by contemplating living their post-divorce life in a completely new location and by having to take on tasks previously looked after by their spouse.

Nearly half (47%) are concerned about facing new living arrangements post-divorce.  A quarter (25%) are concerned about having to move house with half of those (12%) specifically worried about having to downsize. 

Nearly half (43%) of women compared to less than a third of men (30%) are worried about managing their finances in the future.  Women are three times more likely to be daunted by assuming responsibility for the practical upkeep of the home e.g. DIY (34% of women compared to 12% of men).  However assuming sole responsibility for domestic chores such as cooking is a concern for more men (29%) than women (22%).

What’s mine is not yours

For many others at risk of falling into the Divoid, it’s financial concerns that are most likely to tip them, with three quarters (75%) admitting their divorce will necessitate a fundamental re-assessment of many of their financial policies from mortgages through to savings and insurance.

A fifth (20%) of those going through divorce have serious concerns about how to reduce their lifestyle costs with one in six (16%) of women and one in 20 men (6%) needing to urgently find a job or one that pays more.

Footloose and fancy free....but terrified

Loneliness is a concern for one in three with:

  • a third (32%) worried about how to make new single friends
  • over a quarter (29%) worried about being isolated from their married friends, and over a quarter (26%) worried about how to start dating again
  • interestingly, new found single status is a concern for nearly double the amount of women than men - with 29% of women being worried by it, compared to only 17% of men!

Craig Holt comments:  ‘Divorce is unique in forcing people to confront significant practical, financial and emotional worries all at the same time.  It’s no wonder that faced with this cauldron of combined pressure the risk of tipping over into the Divoid is so great.  Hopefully our new service once piloted - which puts the focus firmly on creating positive post-divorce futures - will ensure far fewer people will fall into or get trapped in the Divoid in future.’


Notes to editors:

Divoid research survey of 1000 people was conducted on behalf of QualitySolicitors by OnePoll (January 2014). See the infographic which represents the survey results.

About QualitySolicitors:

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