QualitySolicitors gains substantial further investment and announces plans for 2014 campaigns

QualitySolicitors secure substantial further investment from Palamon Capital Partners from their €670m fund.
Autumn campaign sees 80% boost in new business leads.

QualitySolicitors has started the new-year on a high by securing a large investment from Palamon to fund the development of the network. 

Craig Holt says: “We are delighted with the further investment Palamon has made in the business. The additional funding will enable us to expand the service we provide and the value we deliver to our firms through case generation, promotion of the brand, increasing cost efficiencies and developing technology innovations through our R&D department.  We are also going to add to the network with a small number of firms of the right quality and ethos this year to further strengthen our coverage across the UK.”

Additionally the network is looking at investment / acquisition opportunities within legal services to strengthen the QualitySolicitors offering.

QualitySolicitors is also looking to build on its Autumn marketing campaign success which saw an 80% increase in new business leads generated, by continuing with advertising in Q1 and strengthening its PR strategy to raise the profile of member firms. 

Marketing campaign activity will be focused on consumers and SMEs with QualitySolicitors' individual firms set to benefit under the plans, which will begin this week with a campaign on the challenges people face during a divorce.

Craig Holt said: "We've listened to what our members and consumers have told us and are sharpening our strategy in response to that. The success of our Autumn campaign demonstrates that our marketing communications resonate with customers and they are choosing QualitySolicitors firms as a result".

QualitySolicitors' Autumn campaign has given the franchise a major boost, including:

  • 40% uplift on web visits
  • 80% uplift in new business leads

Craig Holt said: "It is often forgotten that QualitySolicitors is a relatively new business and we are still growing and developing. We are keen for the legal sector to understand in more detail what we are about and that innovation and new ways of highlighting the public value lawyers provide are not necessarily to be feared. We aim to engage more with the profession in future to further meet that objective."


About QualitySolicitors:

  • Launched in 2010, QualitySolicitors is a group of law firms across the country working as part of the QualitySolicitors brand. Only one firm per local area is selected to become a QualitySolicitors partner. Customer feedback forms an integral part of the selection process.
  • QualitySolicitors’ national network of lawyers consists of over 100 branches across England and Wales.
  • QualitySolicitors lawyers are experts in their fields dealing with both consumer and SME legal matters. QualitySolicitors offers a personal, local service but with the assurance of a recognised national brand.
  • QualitySolicitors’ website address is www.qualitysolicitors.com
  • In 2011 QualitySolicitors secured equity investment from Palamon Capital Partners, a private equity house with a £700m fund.

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