Love is in the air! Divorce enquiries set to dip after Valentine’s Day

QualitySolicitors reveal divorce enquiries dropped 25% six weeks after Valentine’s Day in 2015, suggesting the day could be the key to saving your marriage!

Valentine’s Day has a bad reputation, but for some, it could be a marriage saviour!

QualitySolicitors found in 2015, divorce-based enquiries dropped 15% in the four weeks after February 14th, compared with the four weeks prior.

And the brand expect to see a similar trend this year: “Many people these days view Valentine’s Day as being too commercialised,” said Claire Smith, Business Development Director at QualitySolicitors, “if it can somehow play a part in helping people avoid heartbreak and re-discover happiness, then it can’t be a bad thing, can it?”

Enquiries also dropped by a quarter in the six weeks after Valentine’s Day - compared with six weeks before - suggesting a day dedicated to your significant other could rekindle the spark with your spouse for weeks to come.

The brand recently worked with relationship gurus to create a guide full of expert tips to be closer to your loved one, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It covers tips on avoiding arguments, building trust, as well as advice on how to get creative with the time you spend together.

Added Claire: “Lawyers are perhaps seen as playing an unsympathetic part in the divorce process, but our law firms put customers at the heart of everything they do, so we’re very happy that couples are finding ways of re-igniting their relationship together.  ”

As January sees a spike in divorce for the brand, it’s a positive to see that a day – perceived by many as overly commercial - could be the answer to some couples’ woes.

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