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QualitySolicitors Palmers- diversity data

We invited all of our staff to indicate, anonymously, what categories applied to them across a range of criteria. About 60% responded. As before, we have presented the responses in a way which does not identify individuals.

Of our partners, 2 are male and 1 female.

Of our other solicitors, half identified as male and half as female. Our support staff were also half male and half female.

In terms of age groups, there was at least one person in each of the age groups 25-35, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+. One person considered they were affected by a disability.

One person considered themselves to be mixed race; the others said they were white. None of those who replied considered themselves transgender or other than straight/heterosexual.

All our staff who responded said they had been to UK state senior schools; around a third went to university and were the first generation in their family to do so; around a third went to university and were not first-generation graduates; and one third did not go to university.

None of those who responded were carers for children or people with long-term disabilities.

Overall the results are similar to last year. We consider that our staff are similar in terms of mix to the residents of Bookham, Fetcham and Leatherhead

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