Divorce can be very stressful and we believe choosing and using a lawyer shouldn't add to that stress. We offer a range of clearly priced services, putting you in control – all provided by local, expert lawyers. Select the option below that best suits your circumstances or give us a call for some free advice.

Two of our solicitors are members of Resolution, an organisation made up of family lawyers who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters and have drawn up a Code of Practice their members. This encourages clients to agree matters and so speed up their divorce.

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Fixed Price Pay as
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What do you get? Not sure which option is right for you? Discuss your circumstances with us and get some initial advice, at no cost to you. We advise you and complete all the legal paperwork and then guide you through the process from there. We do everything needed to obtain your divorce from start to finish, with on-going advice and support throughout provided in-person. The alternative to our fixed price services, simply pay for as much of our expert assistance as you require.
Is it right for me? If you're unsure which option to select or have any questions about our services. You want some expert help completing the right forms but you're confident in dealing with the rest yourself with some guidance. You want a lawyer to manage the whole process and don’t expect disputes over children or finances. You would like face-to-face advice. You expect disputes over children or finances.
What does the court charge?  n/a £410 £410 £410
What do we charge?  Free £180 including VAT £600 including VAT From £216 per hour inc VAT
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Real, local solicitor firms - not 'case managers' in central call centres.          
Free guide to the divorce process.        
Initial advice over the telephone.        
All legal forms completed for you by an expert, qualified lawyer in your local area.        
We submit all forms to the court for you.        
We correspond with the court and your husband or wife on your behalf.        
On-going advice over telephone or email from our legal experts.        
We send you an official copy of your divorce certificate.        
Face to face advice from our legal experts in your local area.        
Tailored service for defended or more complex divorces including those with international elements.        
Deal with any related disputes over your children or finances.          
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Divorce process

1Free initial assessment

This is when you find out about what is involved. It is also when you decide which service is right for you – eg 'DIY', 'lawyer assisted' or full 'pay as you go'


This is the main document in which you make your request to the court for a divorce. You need to meet one of a number of different legal 'grounds' to be able to be divorced. This gets sent to court and then to your partner.

3Arrangements for children

Where there are children, you have to agree on how they will be looked after. The court can delay your divorce until happy with the plans. If you can't agree, the court may need to become involved.

4Decree Nisi

This is the first step towards your divorce. Nisi means 'unless'. If all the paperwork is in order, a judge will grant this and 'unless' one of you changes your mind the final divorce should be a formality.

5Decree Absolute

'Absolute' means final - your divorced is finalised. You are legally no longer married. You have to wait 6 weeks and 1 day after 'decree nisi' before you can apply for this – a sort of legal 'cooling off' period.

6Financial matters

Often financial issues are agreed and a 'consent order' can be made. If not, then the court will need to decide how to distribute your finances – this often continues after the actual divorce process itself has finished.