Holiday Problems

Problems with a holiday can be very disappointing and difficult to deal with. If you are reading this whilst still on holiday – here are 8 top tips of action you can take straight away.

Then there is more detail about 3 types of holiday problem.

HOLIDAY CLAIM – 8 top tips of steps to take whilst still on holiday

  • Take photographs or video of the problem.
  • Take contact details of any witnesses of what happened to you and caused your holiday to be spoilt.
  • Take details of any other people on holiday who have also suffered (your claim will be even stronger if there are other people who are also unhappy because they suffered from the same issue or problem).
  • If you have suffered an injury or the hotel food or swimming pool has made you unwell - make sure you receive the medical treatment you need. Keep a note of the doctor and where the treatment was provided (so if they are needed later, the medical records can be obtained as independent proof of what you have been through).
  • Keep a list (and receipts) of all the extra expenses you have to pay for as a result of the problem or injury (such as taxi fares and medication).
  • Keep a record or diary of the impact on the holiday of the problem on you and your family. This can cover the inconvenience caused, activities you can’t enjoy (and with injuries your pain and suffering) and the impact on the holiday for you and your family.
  • You should complain to the representative whilst you are on holiday. You should give the company the chance to remedy the problem as soon as possible or your claim for compensation might be affected. Keep a note of when and to whom you reported it.  If you have a holiday rep they should offer you a written report form.
  • Do not feel pressurised into accepting that you were to blame for what happened. Do not feel obliged to accept a small token of compensation in ‘full and final settlement’ in an attempt to prevent you from claiming what you are really entitled to.

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