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When should I tell my employer that I'm pregnant?

It’s up to you when you tell your employer, but you will need to have told them by 15 weeks before your baby is due (when you are about 25 weeks pregnant), which is when you legally need to give notice of when you want to take your maternity leave.

Many women like to wait until they're past the 13 week stage. If you're worried that parts of your job could be dangerous to your pregnancy, you might want to tell your employer sooner rather than later. Heavy lifting, having to stand for long periods, and long working hours can all be risky to pregnancy, and in such cases an employer must consider other more appropriate employment alternatives.

An employer must also allow a pregnant woman to attend all antenatal appointments without it affecting her employment terms.  This time off work isn’t taken from an employee’s normal annual leave, so it makes sense to tell your employer that you’re pregnant, otherwise you may find you have to take a ‘half-day holiday’ to attend an antenatal appointment.

In fact being allowed ‘paid time off for antenatal care’ is one of the four key rights given to a pregnant employee.  The other key rights are; the right to maternity leave (up to 52 weeks), the right to maternity pay or a maternity allowance, and the right to not be treated unfairly, or dismissed, or discriminated against because of your pregnancy.

This all means that an employer must not negatively change a pregnant employee’s terms of employment.  To do so would be against the law.  If you feel you have a pregnancy-related complaint to make against your employer then you may want legal advice.

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