Rehousing and transfers

At QualitySolicitors we believe it’s important for people to live in a home that meets the requirements of their family. Sometimes, for various reasons, your current home may not be suitable for the needs of you and your family. In these circumstances you may wish to be rehoused or transferred to another property.

Perhaps your current home is no longer big enough for your family or maybe you need to move to escape harassment or anti-social behaviour. Whatever the situation, your options will depend on who your landlord is and the guidelines they follow when deciding who should be rehoused.

If you’re experiencing problems with a rehousing application - perhaps you’re on a waiting list or have had an application turned down - we can help. We can ensure you put forward the best case possible when applying for rehousing and can help you apply for the right properties. We understand the policies that local authorities use when deciding who to allocate housing to and can ensure you stand the best chance of being rehoused.

We can also check you’ve been placed in the correct category or banding which could influence the priority that the local authority gives to your case.

To talk to one of our expert property solicitors about rehousing and transfers, give us a call today on 08082747557. With our free initial assessment promise, you can find out what options may be available to you with no obligations.

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