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Free Initial Assessment – here’s how we can help

Have you ever wanted to just ask a lawyer if they can help you, without worrying about what it may cost to contact them? If so, call QualitySolicitors and together we can work out what your next steps might be... in confidence, at no cost and with no obligation.

At QualitySolicitors, our Free Initial Assessment promise puts you directly in touch with a local law firm who will happily talk to you for free to clarify how they can help you.

We don’t see why anyone should have to pay a solicitor just to find out if they can help, and thousands of QualitySolicitors customers all over the country feel the same way; which is why our Free Initial Assessment is so popular. ​


“Can I really call QualitySolicitors and talk things through for free?”

Yes.  Our Free Initial Assessment is a cost-free way of making an initial enquiry to find out if we can help with your legal issue.

It’s all part of QualitySolicitors’ commitment to our customers.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our countrywide legal network has a more modern approach to customer service than many other traditional law firms. 

And part of that modern approach it doesn’t cost you anything to call us to find out if and how we can help you achieve your desired outcome to your situation.


Our three-step guide to getting Free Initial Assessment:

Step 1

Call one of our legal assistants on 08082747557 for a five-minute chat or use our enquiry form so we can call you back.

Step 2

We’ll listen carefully to you, clarify what you’re trying to achieve, and then explain if and how we can help you. With some situations, if it looks like we can help, it may be best if you speak direct with one of our lawyers. We will then arrange a mutually convenient time for you to be called-back to let you know what the next steps are. All as part of our Free Initial Assessment service.

Step 3

This service is without obligation. We simply provide you with the information you need to decide whether you want legal help from one of our specialist lawyers to take things further.  You can find a local QualitySolicitors law firm here.


The inside word...

"Think you may need the services of a lawyer, but not sure where to start? Then why not first call us for a five-minute chat? We don’t see why anyone should have to pay to see if a law firm can help them, so our Free Initial Assessment service is a great way of finding out exactly how we can assist you before you take things any further. A little peace of mind that won’t cost you anything; we think that’s well worth having."


“How will Free Initial Assessment help me?”

The best thing about our Free Initial Assessment is that it costs you nothing to find out how one of our quality-checked law firms can help you.

You can usually expect this free service to be a telephone call lasting around five minutes, although if yours is a more complicated issue then we’ll arrange a call-back with a specialist lawyer.

Either way, your Free Initial Assessment will clarify if and how we can help. If we can help we’ll let you know what the next steps are. We will also explain clearly what the legal costs are likely to be. All our work comes with the reassurance of the QS Clear Price Guarantee.

It’s no wonder people often tell us that they feel more reassured after speaking to us.

Remember: with Free Initial Assessment, it costs you nothing to talk to us!


“That does sound helpful, but what happens after my Free Initial Assessment?”

After your Free Initial Assessment, if your situation is straightforward then we can often quote a price for our services there and then, so you can make an even more informed decision about choosing your law firm and getting started.

However with some legal situations, once we’ve clarified that we can help, many people choose our helpful Ask the Legal Expert service as their next step. For the special price of just £99 we can book you a face-to-face meeting with a lawyer who has experience in precisely the area you need help with.

Introduced specifically for people who want to explore in detail how the law will impact on their particular situation and discuss their various options, our £99 Ask the Legal Expert service is an excellent way of talking to a lawyer face-to-face without worrying about the clock ticking (and the bill running up).

It’s your opportunity to tap into a lawyer’s knowledge during this fixed price 45-minute session, and then get them to apply their experience to your specific situation.

This is confidential advice with no obligation to take matters further, although after your face-to-face meeting you will, of course, be much better placed to understand your next steps and decide on what you want to do.


“Can QualitySolicitors offer me anything else?”

As well as giving expert legal advice, QualitySolicitors make these promises to our customers:

Send us a message

Over 100 locations

We're a countrywide network of law firms with all the expert resources needed to provide specialist legal advice on a local basis for individuals and businesses alike.

Direct lawyer contact

We're friendly and approachable which is why, as a QualitySolicitors customer, you'll always be given the direct phone number and direct email address of your lawyer.

Free Initial Assessment

Want a chat with a legal representative to find out how one of our lawyers can help? Our Free Initial Assessment can clarify your issues and suggest next steps; for free!

Clear Price Guarantee

Nobody likes surprises on their bills, so we take the time to tell you upfront exactly what each stage of our work will cost...before we do the work, not after.

Same-day response

If you decide to contact your lawyer, it's usually because you need a quick answer. That's why we always do our best to return your call on the same day you contact us.

Flexible openings

We understand that not everyone can make appointments during office hours, that’s why we offer flexible opening. If you need a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer then we can arrange this ‘out of hours’, or on a Saturday if it's more convenient.

So as you can see, in addition to Free Initial Assessment, we can offer direct lawyer contact with same-day response, Saturday opening times, and (because we don’t hide any of our charges from our customers) there’ll be no surprise costs that suddenly appear on your final bill.

Get Free Initial Assessment from a local law firm now by contacting QualitySolicitors on 08082747557 for a five-minute chat or request a free call-back using our enquiry form.