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New Proposals to increase probate fees

Probate fees are set to rise with the proposal of a flat fee as opposed to fees based on the estate’s value.

The Government has proposed an update to the probate fee structure which is currently subject to a consultation process.

Currently, the court fee for a grant of probate is £155 for an application made by a professional and £215 for an application made personally.  The Government’s proposals are to bring these two fees in line with each other with a fee rise for both to £273, regardless of the size of the estate which would be applicable from early 2022.

Previously, in 2016 and 2019 increases to probate fees had been proposed reflecting the value of the estate.  Those proposals were much more drastic involving sliding scales of fees which at the top end meant fees of up to £20,000.  After a huge outcry, both of these proposals were shelved by the Government.

The current proposals are justified by the Government on the basis that the probate service is currently operating at a loss and the increased fee will enable the service to cover its costs.

The probate service last year introduced a new online application system, new forms and has been re-structuring with many local probate registries being closed.  These factors as well as an increased volume has led to continued and significant delays to the probate service.

The consultation process closes on 23 September 2021 and our probate team will be keeping a close eye on the progress with interest.

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