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NHS Continuing Healthcare | What does the data tell us?

The Nuffield Trust's new report on NHS Continuing Healthcare raises some important questions. Judy Timson, our Clinical Advisor, analyses the data and gives her perspective on the reasons behind these key findings.

The latest report from the Nuffield Trust reveals a surprising trend in Continuing Healthcare (CHC) eligibility across the UK. As of March 31, 2024, more people than ever are qualifying through the fast-track process, while standard assessments are on the decline. But what's behind this shift? And why is there such a stark variation in eligibility from region to region?

Demographics, local population needs, and access to services all play a role. But the inconsistency is too great to be explained by these factors alone. It suggests that the national framework is being interpreted and applied differently across the country.

This uncertainty and perceived unfairness are exactly why our clients turn to us. They're seeking guidance not just on appealing a negative decision, but on navigating the complex CHC assessment process as a whole. With the right advice and preparation, they can ensure they receive the funding they're entitled to.

Full Nuffield Trust report: HERE

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Judy Timson | Clinical Advisor; Health and Community Care Team. 


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