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Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Selling

The legal terminology is “conveyancing” this is simply the legal process of changing the ownership of property from one person(s) to another.

We know that the process of buying a house can be a stressful and probably the most expensive asset you will ever own. Therefore it is important that you chose your solicitor carefully, not just instruct whoever your estate agent recommends. Estate agents might recommend a solicitor as they often work in partnership with certain firms. This could end up being a more expensive option for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right firm for you;

Ask friends and family for recommendations

Ask for a quote, conveyancers and solicitors charge in different ways either on a fixed fee basis, percentage of the property price or an hourly rate. Make sure the quotes breakdown all costs, and include VAT, so that you’re comparing like with like. Some firms can give you low quotes but then reveal lots of hidden costs. Your quote should include searches, bank transfer, stamp duty (if applicable), Land Registry fees. At Brennans we work on a fixed fee basis so you always know the cost at the outset.

Do they offer same day response? The last thing you want is to contact your conveyancer or solicitor and wait days for a response to a simple query! An efficient and communicative solicitor or conveyancer will make the whole process a lot less stressful for you.

Where are they located? Using a conveyancer or solicitor near to your home/work makes it easier to drop off or collect documents if necessary. You will need to provide identification at the outset which means you do have to go into the office. Local solicitors have specialist knowledge of the area, this might come in useful.

Do they talk in plain English? A solicitor or conveyancer who uses legal jargon can over complicate the process and cause you to fail to understand vital elements of your purchase. You do not want to perfect home, sign on the dotted line, and find out that you didn’t fully understand the terms of your agreement. The seller of the home you are looking to buy will likely have an experienced conveyancer or solicitor too, and it’s best to let the experts figure out the terms of transaction for you, and clearly explain to you in English before you sign.

Will you be told who will be handling your case? You should ideally be given their direct line. At Brennans you will be told at the point of quotation who will act for you should you chose to instruct us. We do not work as a “conveyancing factory” your case should not be treated as though it is on a conveyor belt which often offers slow and impersonal service.

What are their opening hours? Although not essential for everyone however it will make life a lot easier if you need to act quickly on a legal issue and you are not available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Check to see whether the firm you chose is open out of normal office hours. 

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