Surveyors, Architects, Solicitors and Accountants are all bound by professional standards. They owe you a duty of reasonable care and skill. If they don't give it you need to know what options you have – and how to go about making a claim.

We understand these problems- and we also understand that, having been disappointed by professionals before, you will want to be sure that the advice we are giving is the best possible. To help you we will:

- Ask lots of questions, so we understand your case fully

- examine documentation, such as a survey or conveyancing report

- engage independent expert witnesses, to give an expert view of the technical questions

- instruct specialist barristers to represent you in court or at mediation

- give you as much information as possible as to what happens next, how long it will take, and what it will cost.

Phil Palmer acts as an expert witness himself in conveyancing negligence, fraud and conduct and has appeared as a witness in the High Court, County Court and Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribual.

Cal Phil on 01372 897470 to arrange a meeting.