Simple power of attorney

If you need someone to sign for you while you are out of the country or in hospital, you need one of these. It is a very simple form. There are different forms for single- and jointly-owned property.

Lasting Power of Attorney- Property and Affairs

If you want someone to manage your affairs if you become mentally incapable, you will need this LPA. It is also useful if you become physically incapable. You can have one or more attorneys, and impose restrictions on what they can do.

An LPA lets the people you choose (the attorneys) make decisions about, for example:

  • Buying and selling your property
  • Opening, closing, and operating bank/building society accounts
  • Claiming, receiving and using your benefits, pensions, and allowances.

The Court of Protection

If you lose mental capacity, and if you haven’t completed this sort of LPA, your relatives or friends can apply to the Court of Protection to be able to make any decision on your behalf.  

Who can be an attorney, or apply to the Court of Protection?

Anyone can do this. Usually it will be a family member or close friend, but a professional- such as one of our solicitors or an accountant- can do it as well (a charge will be made).


What to do next

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