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Wills and probate

When you die, you will want your family and friends looked after. Maybe you want to leave something to your favourite charity. You may want to appoint guardians for your children, and decide which of your relatives should be the executor.

You need a will.

Click on Making a will below for advice on what you might want to include and what it will cost.

Can we very respectfully urge you to do it now? None of us know what is round the corner, and you may die sooner than you think. We believe that almost everyone should make a will before they are forty.

When choosing who will make your will, we recommend that you use experienced solicitors like us who:

  • understand inheritance tax and other taxes;
  • deal with probate and so can make wills that are easy to administer: and
  • deal with disputes, so know how to avoid them.


If someone has died, you will need probate (called letters of administration if there is no will). Click on probate below for details of our services.

Sometimes administering an estate can unfortunately lead to a dispute. If you are considering challenging a will or estate, you must do it now as there are time limits for this. Click on Wills and inheritance disputes below for details of our services.

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