Forged will

A Will can be challenged where it can be shown it was a forgery. That could be because it is a false document or perhaps one having a faked signature.

The claim will be that the Will should not be declared invalid and not followed. Instead the last proper Will of the person who died should be used. If there was no previous Will, then the Intestacy Rules will apply. These are the rules that are followed  when someone dies without leaving a Will. 

The key to success with this type of claim is evidence. We can advise on what we can help you with in your particular circumstances such as:

  • Witness statements
  • Other independent records. 
  • A hand-writing expert (someone we would usually get a report from in this type of case)
  • Other forensic evidence will sometimes be needed to prove or disprove the forgery.

Our Free Initial Assessment service is available to help you find out from our expert lawyers if we can help you – whether you are able to make a claim to dispute a Will or if you need advice on defending a challenge to a Will made by someone else.

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